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Amber Dewaele is an Antwerp-based furniture and product designer. Born in 1997, her portrait reflects a young but driven woman ready to rethink the visual object world through her own playfull lens. Amber recently graduated from the Thomas More Hogeschool, where she was taught the arts and crafts of furniture design. Combined with her preceding studies in industrial product design, she has a perfectly balanced portfolio between functionality and creativity. When taking a step back to better understand her, one rapidly realizes that she seeks the simplicity in the boundless complexity, both in form and function.

Her ideas germinate from a certain philosophy, material or production process. From rough idea generation up to decisive implementation, functionality is the common thread throughout the process. This common thread defines the artistic approach to a functional yet poetic end product. Her creations have been known to evoke specific emotions, trigger feelings and make people wonder.

Although very mature, Amber never abandoned her inner child, to whom she still listens when in search for abundant inspiration. It provides her with a rich source of inspiration. "Playfulness" is therefore often reflected in her designs.

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